Munich Nightlife

Munich Nightlife

Munich is an active, young and vibrant city that has fun and entertainment for all tastes and ages. The Bavarian capital has anything from Latin American rhythms to disco and electro music. Memorable evenings when visiting Munich with clubs and pubs scattered throughout the lively city.

This is aside from the annual Oktoberfest that runs from beginning September to end of October. The majority of nightlife in Munich are west and south of the city and you get different districts too. Schwabing, Glockenbachviertel, Kultfarbriek and Ostbahnhof each offer their own version of restaurants discos, pubs, gambling and nightlife.

Pacha Munchen is an elegant venue with themed nights and a popular local venue for after work drinks.

There are also very nice casinos and lounge clubs around the area. Especially betting shops are very famous on this location but if you think landbase casinos are boring i strongly suggest to visit  or you can visit en iyi online bahis siteleri websites.

Serving only sparkling wine and champagne it has two dance floors and professional dancers entertaining too.

Atomic Café is where the younger crowd dance to disco music with themed evenings and cocktail bar where live concerts are held twice a week. Backstage offers locals and tourists excellent rock music. Ksar Barclub is a fashionable cocktail bar open till early morning hours with selections of electronic music and great hangout place for the younger crowds.Kultfabrik is a district more than a single club and here you find a conglomerate of recording studios, concert halls, cinema, pubs, clubs, private clubs and discos of all sizes and kinds. It spans a huge area of 60,000 square meters and houses more than fifty different entertainment places. Pimpernel opens at ten in the evening and closes its doors six o’clock in the morning if you are a night owl who loves dancing and drinking the night away. It is a club attracting various ages and crowds with a music selection from electro, to indie pop and swinging sounds.

Crash Club is also frequented by various ages and crowds offering excellent cheap drinks and hard Rock and Metal music. Cord club opens at ten in the evenings until five in the morning and a nightclub and bar lounge attracting young and old. X-Cess is great for the young and hip crowds with top disco music, lamps made from vodka bottles, strange sofas and lounges and fun kitschy paintings adorning the walls.