Magnificent Munich

The Bavarian capital, Munich and also Germany’s third largest city is located on the Bavarian Alp fringes and on River Isar. It is a rich and historic city with its focal point, the Marienplatz, a huge open square where both the New and Old Town Halls are located. It is one of Germany’s most popular tourist attractions and offering a wealth of historic churches like the oldest church that comes from the Romanesque period, the Peterskirche as well as the famous Cathedral of our Lady. Some of Munich’s most famous and must-see attractions include:

Munich Residenz

One of Europe’s most spectacular and extraordinary palaces is the Residenz, which you find in Munich and a must-see attraction. It is a vast palace that has three sections, the banqueting hall which is called the Festsaalbau, the Alte Residenz and the Koningsbau. Today is houses numerous museums and monuments as well as gardens, ponds and fountains.

The Olympic Park

The spectacular Olympic Park covers over 2.7 million square meters and today home to huge events and concerts attracting millions of visitors. When events are not hosted you will find activities happening like zip lining and roof climbing, a magnificent revolving restaurant with outstanding cuisine with glorious city views.

Konigsplatz and Kunstareal District

Konigsplatz is popular and incredibly busy and one of the top attractions in Munich. Inside here is also the Kunstareal District that is home to the city’s oldest museums.

Nymphenburg Palace

During the 17th century this enormous palace was the wittelsbach elector’s summer palace that spans over 600 meters. Here you find wonders like marble statues, old hothouses, large fountains and the rich history and culture of Munich.

Hellabrunn Zoo

The Hellabrunn Zoo is the fourth best European zoo and spread 89 acres and one of Germany’s top attractions. Over 757 species and 19,000 animals in open enclosures replicating their natural habitat.

The Theatine Church of St. Cajetan

This Catholic Church in Italian High Baroque style is a prominent landmark and built in 1690 with a massive 72 meter dome, twin towers and stunning façade. It features glorious marble saint statues, high altar with the 1646 painting from Caspar de Crayer, The Virgin Enthroned with Angels.

Burial Place of the Kings

St. Michael’s Church was completed in 1597 and burial place of kings. It is a striking church with triumphal arch, galleries, side chapels and transepts. In the Royal crypt are 41 members of the royal family buried.

Cathedral Church of Our Lady

The Cathedral Church of Our Lady was built in 1488 and late gothic style architecture. A famous footprint which is believed by ancient tales to have been left by the Devil is a major attraction.