Top Restaurants in Munich

Top Restaurants in Munich


Refettorio is one of Munich’s best Italian cuisine restaurants ideally located close to the Residenztheater and the opera and great for after show eating. It is a fresh 21st century atmosphere with striking interiors with every table, chair and accompaniments a different color. Even though the menu is very brief it is extraordinary well executed. Located at Marstallplatz 3 they open at 10am daily until midnight.

Prinz Myshkin

Prinz Myshkin opens daily at 11am until 12.30 am and located on Hacenstrasse 2 in Munich. At this vegetarian restaurants it is Munich’s premier meat-free eatery with outstanding dishes like curries and orange-carrot soups.


A great Afghani eatery is Chopan on elvirastrasse 18A and opens every night from 6pm until midnight. With the large afghan community in Munich there are several Afghan cuisines to choose from, but Chopan stands out with extraordinary dishes in wide variety of combinations. Unfortunately you will not be able to enjoy a glass of wine here as alcoholic beverages are not served at Chopan.


As low priced café Marais is a surprise at first when you enter it on Parkstrasse 2. Opening at eight in the morning until eight in the evening you are struck by the oddity of the setup. You will wonder if it is indeed a sewing shop, a café or a junk store. Actually that was the intention as it is a combination of the three. Sitting at a table to enjoy your café food, you will know that even the chair and table you are sitting at enjoying your meal, are for sale.


Located at Johann-Fichte-Strasse 7, Tantris which means search for perfection is as close to perfection as you can get. Here in one of Germany’s most popular and famous restaurant you simply have to book a table as you simply cannot just walk in and hope there would be seating. Offering on of Germany’s best wine cellars, outstanding International cuisine and unobtrusive service you will love every second spent.

La Bouche

La Bouche is a relatively expensive French restaurant on Jahnstrasse 30, Munich with excellent selections of fish, veal liver and ravioli on their menu.


Bamyan is another afghan restaurant on Hans-Sachs-Strasse 3 and one of the few that does serve alcoholic beverages. This exotic restaurant with Buddha statues, Asia soups, lamb dishes, kebabs and salads are enjoyed in the exotic atmosphere they created with handmade tables with inlays of ornate metalwork. They have recently opened in Turkey and started to be the best restaurant chain in globe